Deceased Estate.

Every auction tells a story and this weeks story is the story of Julie’s new life beginning with  overwhelming loss. A story that quickly became one of rebuilding new strengths, family unity and a community of friendships. Surrounded by household goods both lovingly cared for others battered by time, collectibles with outdated stories, an unfinished “project” of a partially rebuilt Mark II engine in the garage, unopened gifts from well-meaning colleagues. What Julie needed was a service to clear, clean, repair and dispose.

Julie called a number of services. Julie chose us. Why?

In TWO days – all of the furniture and household effects were cleared to a broom swept finish.

In ONE WEEK – we supervised its professional clean.

In TWO WEEKS – Our Wakitties service had repaired the paintwork, water-blasted the decks and the home was ready to be put on the market

.…And the happy ending?  One month later Julie started fresh in a new town, her elder daughter was able to afford a deposit on a home with her new baby, and the younger son is fee free and enrolled in university. What did Julie pay for all this? She didn’t. We paid her! Now that is what we at Auction Professionals call a broom swept finish.