Environmental Alert – Local Landfills:

An afternoon at an Auckland rubbish transfer station or Auckland Landfill is a sobering sight. We sort, sift and even recycle  papers and plastics, use scrap yard options and even leave old appliances out for others to collect and possibly reuse – latest figures show that 250,000 tonnes of domestic rubbish hits our landfills every year. With the advent of Covid lockdowns we know that domestic figure is certain to be even higher.
In fact, unless YOU make a change, your household will going be responsible for 10 tonnes of rubbish into our landfills minimum! Seven years ago our family made a change in the way that our entire household deals with waste.


To our amazement as a family, we learned how to:

Along the way, we also started Wakitties Ltd which is an awesome little West Auckland recycling, upcycling and repair service, Then two years ago we added Auction Professionals Ltd – which is only the best little auction house in West Auckland and the World.

Every week we rescue second-hand appliances that work well and then sell them back to our community. We help our vendors make money and, in the process save our customers money. No rubbish here! Let’s save our community together – One appliance, one piece of household furniture at a time.